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Updated: Nov 8, 2019

It is REVEAL day, yall!

laundry room door with decorative glass front.
Come on in and take a look!

That means it's week six of the One Room Challenge. Again, a big ole Texas thank you to Linda from Calling it Home for putting this fun and exciting blogger event together two times a year. This year was sponsored by the amazing Better Homes and Gardens. For more information on how to enter in the future,

check it out here.

Well guys, after what felt like 6 very short weeks, we are excited to share the big reveal of our LAUNDRY ROOM transformation! It has been quite the rollercoaster of stress and excitement! I'm just happy it is complete and I have a true LAUNDRY retreat!

Check out the entire design process here!

To truly appreciate the reveal, let me show you the before photos of this space:

Sad looking, unfunctional laundry room area
Laundry Room Before

Oh, my. Doesn't this space make you want to run in a knock out a load of laundry?

Laundry Room Design by Nikole Starr Interiors. All photography by Colleen Scott Photography.
How about now? Ok, Ok I'm with y'all. I still don't want to do laundry but I like to hang out in here and look at it while I start the dryer over again "to get the wrinkles out" and avoid putting away clothes indefinitely.

Remember this view that leads to the master closet?

I don't know if you can tell here but it was DOORS GALORE! So we turned around the odd small device closets to open into the closet behind. I also widened the door to master (I'm still excited about that small change) and created pocket doors for the main access points to the laundry. SUCH a big difference it made! I'm on a personal mission to bring back the pocket door. Medicine cabinets as well, but different blog post for a different day.

It all started with this whimsical wallpaper. I had a small sample of it tacked ( yes with an actual tack) to my wall as inspiration for the transformation for over a year. From there I based all the other elements. I found that #BenjaminMoore #NewHopeGray was the perfect color to pull out the topiary tones in this adorable #clarkandclark wallpaper.

Sadly, this paper is discontinued. I had a slight panic attack mid-challenge when I learned this information. However, I was able to scoop the VERY LAST ROLLS of this paper. Phew. Not like I based the ENTIRE DESIGN PLAN around this very paper or anything.

I love the fancy molding I added in the laundry room around the doors. Does it match the style or any other molding in my home? Not a bit. Does it matter? (Do I need to remind you that the laundry room is a dark and lonely place and that all rules are thrown out the window when it comes to "matching" with anything in your home.

Make the laundry room a place you are happy to be in! Be dramatic and unexpected. That is my motto at least!

One of my favorite features is the transformation of a regular door, into a fun and inviting #pocketdoor. My love for a well-placed pocket door runs deep. I am absolutely smitten with this gal.

A place to fold and call my own.

Quite a change walking down the hall to the garage and seeing a sliver of this pretty lady. Quite a transformation from the before.

Oh and if you are new here, I should tell you that our laundry room connects not only to the garage/mudroom entry to our home, but also the master bedroom closet.

Swoon. A special thanks to #JasmineFleece for helping me decide on the layout for this space by putting it in cad for me based off my AWFUL sketches. You are a true rock star.

Can we talk about my wallpaper installer @jasonmoulder with #jmwallcovering for the outlet match he made on the wallpaper?

I knew I wanted to do #vintagehardware as soon as I selected the wallpaper. Thanks to #houseofantiquehardware I found exactly what I was looking for.

My Carpenter Guili created exactly what I envisioned. From the door style to the inset cabinet doors to the pretty little kickboard detail. He is truly a master of his craft!

One last reminder that this room connects to our master bedroom as well as the main areas of the home.

So can you argue that there might be a better location for a beverage fridge?

May I offer you a La Croix?

I'll tell ya, seeing this little oasis as the first thing besides the last #ORC we completed (you can check out here) has been amazing.

I hope you've enjoyed this tour of our laundry room makeover!  It's time to close the door and call this room done. I will tell ya though.. it has given me the itch to do another room... until then go visit all of the other One Room Challenge reveals! Especially the featured designers!!

You are in for a real treat! So many fabulous makeovers this fall.

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