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One Room Challenge - Fall 2019 - Week 2

Well, we are really in the thick of it and I’m pretty pumped. Demolition has been completed and we have a blank slate to run wild with for the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE!

The new view into my laundry room that I will have to learn to love over the next six weeks.

The washer and dryer will go in and out, in and out of the room while different trades come in to do their thing. Big shout out to my mom for valet laundry service! She has been so amazing at doing the laundry I drop off and returning folded. I'm feeling spoiled and wondering if I will ever really want to do laundry again after this is all said and done haha.

Progress has been made on the pocket door situation! My daughter in this photo just got home from school and is checking out the changes. Floors are gone, both door walls are in the beginning stages of being prepped for pocket doors.


Notice that the outlets are located in the same area that the pocket doors will glide back into when open. Therefore, they need to be relocated.

Fear not - I have the very best electrician in the Houston area on speed dial. Enter the one and only ROA Electrical Services.

Robert Roa is the owner. He is HANDS DOWN the most skilled, personable, trustworthy and honest electrician out there. You heard it here first, folks!! Call him. Tell him I sent you.

Below is a photo of him rewiring the light switch so that the new pocket door for the main entrance to the room can slide back into the wall. He will move it to the left side of the door.

While he was here I asked him to add about 100 outlets to my house as well as a whole-home surge protector. One can never have too many outlets!

Robert Roa, owner of ROA electrical services just doing his thing.

Once Robert removed the outlet switch and relocated it, the next step was to carve out a space for the new pocket door. THE DOOR WILL BE ADORABLE. Above is my sweet Shane excited about the progress that has been made. That makes to of us buddy.

TOLD YA. Adorable right?

Door numero two will be a regular styled door that matches the rest of the house. However, I widened the entry width leading to the master closet which I believe I will be thanking myself for later. It was such a small opening before. Felt cramped. Now it will be a gloriously regular sized door that disappears when open. Incredible.

I was able to move all this mess of stuff down and add a recessed dryer vent. Now all the fixings will be hidden behind cabinets and the dryer can fit closer to the wall than ever before. Insert me doing a happy dance.

Now how about a little before and after progress pictures?

Before. Small Door to Master Closet. Giant alarm box on the wall closet to the ceiling.

Progress. Light switches relocated. Framing for the new and improved wider pocket door in place. Ugly box near ceiling turned around to face closet on the opposite side of the wall shown.

Before. View into the hall leading to our laundry room.

Progress. Door Removed, light switch relocated and framing for main pocket door constructed.

That's all for now folks. Besides my kids loving the crazy chaos and dragging dust around the house. Not much glamour to be shown on this week's post. Stay tuned! I can promise you that some MAJOR changes are right around the corner.

If you want to check out other amazing #ORC transformations you can do so by going to the One Room Challenge blog plage by clicking here.

That's a wrap for my second week and my second time participating in the Better Homes and Gardens One Room Challenge as a guest participant! Catch y'all next week!

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Ferenc Davies
Ferenc Davies
Jun 14, 2023

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