Broken Marble



+ What services do you offer?

+ What interior design style does Nikole Starr Interiors specialize in?


Why Us?

+ Why should I hire an interior designer?

+ When should I hire an interior designer?

+ How do I know if you’re the right designer for me?


Budget / Costs

+ What should my budget be?

+ How much does a Consultation cost?

+ How much can I expect to pay in Design Fees?

+ What additional costs can I expect to pay?

+ What is the average cost to furnish a room?


+ What is the design process?

+ What should I do to prepare for the consultation?

+ How long does it normally take if I choose to do a full-service design?


Other Questions

+ I’m interested in renovating in addition to furniture. Does Nikole Starr Interiors oversee the construction part of the design?

+ Do we order furniture or do you take care of this for me?

+ What if I need help with multiple rooms and already own some of the furniture? Do you work with what I already have?


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