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+ What services do you offer?

We offer interior design services ranging in scope from consultations to full-scale remodels and custom homes to furniture and accessory packages. See more info here.

+ What interior design style does Nikole Starr Interiors specialize in?

Each project is unique and we don’t have a particular style that we stick to.  We focus on you and your needs, wishes and ask you many questions about YOUR style. Our designs are focused creating spaces that are both livable and luxurious and always tailored to your style.


Why Us?

+ Why should I hire an interior designer?

Do you desire a beautiful home but don’t have the time, energy or know-how to achieve one? An Interior Designer not only makes a room look beautiful, they help their clients by providing direction from beginning to end, saving them time, money and headaches.


They take into account the function of the space or spaces, traffic flow, ease of use, proper lighting, finishes, safety and other considerations unique to the space. They help with setting priorities within their client’s budget and have access to trade only resources, often saving the client money.


And an Interior Designer does the legwork for you – visiting showrooms, specifying furniture and fixtures, creating mood boards for you to choose from, deals with procurement, etc., leaving you with the extra time to focus on other things!

+ When should I hire an interior designer?

We suggest you hire an interior designer before or around the time of hiring an architect, builder or general contractor. Knowledgeable designers are able to enhance the project and ensure that you receive the end result mirrors your dreams.


We’re here to guide you and be your advocate through the process.

+ How do I know if you’re the right designer for me?

We’ll start out with a no-obligation, 15-20 min Discovery Call to learn more about your project so that we can identify which one of our services is the best fit for you.


Then you decide if you’d like to schedule a consultation with us.  This is a meeting that is packed with design advice for a low investment on your side. 


The consultation is a good fit for you if:

  • You are buying new furniture and aren’t sure of the size of furniture, rug, etc. you need in your space.

  • You are building/renovating a home and want to make sure the selections you have made are cohesive and work with the style of home you’re hoping to create.

  • You are pretty independent, but would love some thoughtful professional advice of an interior designer on some key questions and concerns.

  • You are debating buying a home that needs renovation and you’re having a hard time envisioning it’s potential.


Budget / Costs

+ What should my budget be?

Determining your budget is a key component, so be prepared to talk about an overall budget. If you need help setting a budget, we are happy to guide you through the process of establishing one.


The budget is where the realistic picture of your project begins, and a key component to your design. If you need help determining what that budget should look like, we are happy to guide you through this process. We will walk you through the process of estimating your investment based on our extensive experience with interior design.


We find our clients may know how much they want to invest, but may not know what is reasonable to spend on furniture and fees for a project like yours. If you are purchasing all items for a whole home, budget up to 35% of the value of the finished home for interior design services, project management and furnishings.


Our goal is to work within your investment range.

+ How much does a Consultation cost?

$500 for up to 2 hours (prices are subject to change without prior notice). After our Discovery Call, we will schedule a time to come to your home for up to two hours of time to review the project in person and give you tangible design advice.

+ How much can I expect to pay in Design Fees?

Because each project is unique, we need time to discuss your vision for the project and the scope of work, after which we will be happy to prepare a Fee Proposal for you.


We generally charge hourly, and estimate the total number of hours required to complete your project. This way, you know upfront what your overall fees will likely be. Any overage from our initial estimate are billed at our standard hourly rate.


Although these fees are estimated upfront, staying within the scope typically will not result in increases. You will be informed about the hours used during the design process. Some services are billed at a flat fee. Prices are available for each service with a flat fee through our services menu.


Our minimum design fee for a full service project is $12,000. 

+ What additional costs can I expect to pay?

We do our best to give you a full cost outlook of each item, but additional costs should be expected such as storage, shipping, white glove delivery and art installers. 


We estimate these costs when presenting the furnishings budget to give you a full understanding of what your budget should look like. Generally, you can expect these additional costs to be 10-15% of your total budget.

+ What is the average cost to furnish a room?

This can vary widely depending on the amount of detail, the square footage, and other factors. An average size living room in our portfolio averages $30-$40K, Dining $25-$40K, primary bedrooms $30-$40K, secondary bedrooms $10-$15K. Please note that pricing is average and subject to change.


This includes furniture, décor, chandelier, lamps, custom throw pillows, rug, custom art, and custom drapery. On average, dining rooms and bedrooms in our portfolio are between $25,000 and $45,000. 


Designer fees are a separate budget as well as furnitures.


+ What is the design process?

In a nutshell, upon initial contact we will gather as much information as possible about your needs and desires for the space. We then come out to see the space in person, listen to your ideas and vision, discuss the design process and provide you with solid ideas and a direction for your project.


We will email you a Fee Proposal within 3-5 business days following the consultation, outlining the scope of work, the estimated number of hours to complete your project, the minimum estimated design fee, and the advance on our design fee required to get started. 


Once the advance on our design fee has been paid, that signals the start of the project, and we begin to assemble trades to acquire quotes, and work on the comprehensive design plan. Every detail is accounted for - drawings, furnishings, finishes, fabrics, and the budget breakdown for final approval.


One revision is included. We require 80% of the total budget and signing of the Furnishings Proposal to move forward with the purchasing and project management phase.

You can read more about the process here

+ What should I do to prepare for the consultation?

Feel free to start a Pinterest board or Save favorite designs on your instagram or Houzz account to discuss at the consultation. Photos are a great way to visually communicate your likes and style ideas.


Sharing dislikes is also helpful as we wish to source efficiently by recommending items that will resonate with our clients.

+ How long does it normally take if I choose to do a full-service design?

Most interior design projects will take anywhere from 3–6 months depending on the size.


If you are on a tight timeline, we suggest that you interview other designers as we want to make sure you have a good fit. If timing is not an issue, we will do everything in our power to complete your home as quickly as possible.  It typically takes 10 weeks to design and 10-20 weeks to install.  Custom furniture is often built-to-order, items can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks to arrive (sometimes more).  


We definitely strive to install as soon as possible.  I want your home to be complete as soon as possible so we can discuss your timeline and source based on this at the consultation. See Our Process to get a better idea.


Other Questions

+ I’m interested in renovating in addition to furniture. Does Nikole Starr Interiors oversee the construction part of the design?

We are happy to design your renovation and create drawings, elevations and renderings to present to you.  We have strong relationships with many local contractors and we will recommend a qualified professional that we enjoy working with.


We are also open to working with your contractor if you have one.  We do require having a short meeting with your contractor prior to construction, so that we can ensure everyone is on the same page and set your project up for success.

+ Do we order furniture or do you take care of this for me?

This is where we make your life easy and take the stress of ordering away from you. We  purchase all items and we work towards an install date.This is usually a 8-12 week timeframe, longer if a renovation is involved after Design Board Approval.

We track all orders, store them in our warehouse and prepare everything for install.

+ What if I need help with multiple rooms and already own some of the furniture? Do you work with what I already have?

 If the pieces are correctly scaled and fit within the design aesthetic we are wanting to achieve as a team, then yes of course!  If the pieces are not right for the space, we will try to find another place to use it in your home and recommend an item that would be better suited for your design.  


Our full service design does have a minimum investment of 75k in addition to design fees. We always strive to be flexible and work with existing pieces but we prefer to start with a blank slate!


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