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One Room Challenge - Fall 2019 - Week 5

Oh my goodness week 5! This is where the real magic happens and I become a crazy person trying to rally all my troops for the final lap.

If you remember my plug dilemma from last week.. well I had it moved. My amazing sheetrock guy turned the plug around to face the garage and patched that baby right up. Now there won't be a plug facing you front and center as you enter. Yay!

Speaking of turning things around, you may remember the big giant box at the top of the room sticking out like an eyesore. (Check it out here). Well I had my wonderful electrician turn it around to open into the closet behind. I was going to turn around this box too, but It looked a little daunting as there are a million wires behind that little door. So I am counting on my wallpaper guy, the amazing Jason Moulder, to paper over it so that it blends seamlessly.

Check out that door molding though! Fancy pants.

I had a slight panic attack when I went to order my wallpaper and learned it was discontinued. I couldn't believe my ears! I had planned the entire design around this charming paper! I searched for alternatives but nothing jumped out to me. Finally, I called the factory and learned it was my lucky day! They happened to have just enough paper left for my project. I got the very last of it. Phew. Crisis avoided.

Next up comes paint. You guys. I cannot stress the importance of a good paint job enough.

A painter can make or break a good carpentry job.

The painstaking lengths that my painters go through to prep a job before painting is crucial.

All areas need to be protected from overspray. Once the primer goes on, it becomes easier to see where they might have missed an area sanding it down from finishing nails etc. Therefore a quality painter will take time to use this red stuff below to fill in the imperfections and give the area a nice, smooth finish before the final coat goes on.

Bam! Counters in, paint up, laundry machines back in business. I am SO READY to get this project wrapped up. Check out that detail on the base of the cabinet. I'm smitten.

My favorite part about all the new functional and glorious room? The pocket door. Oh I love a good pocket door.

Swoon. So charming! The best part is it is tucked away when open and not covering what will be my beautiful wallpaper when open. Stay tuned for that coming next week!!

I can't wait to show you the reveal next week! I'm anxiously waiting to get the photos back from the photoshoot. I'm pretty excited y'all.

Also, you guys are in for a real treat as we watch the 20 sponsored designers and all the guest participants reveal their spaces next week! Thanks all to Better Homes and Gardens sponsorship of the one and only One Room Challenge!

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