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One Room Challenge WEEK 4 - FALL 2019

Ohhh you know I love to see some progress made on a design! This week I am delighted to share with you a full room coming together! Slowly, but surely.

First, I'd like to thank my AMAZING Cad artist Jasmine Fleece for taking my chicken scratch and turning it into such beautiful Cad drawings that the rest of the world can make sense of. Not to mention her recommendations for a change when I might be overlooking something are so fantastic.

Without further ado.... CARPENTRY STARTED ON WEEK 4!!

Disregard the snake thing not covered in plastic. That is my husbands. Long Story. Check out the cutie future Contractor though. That's my Shane.

So as slow as this process has seemed the cabinets seemed to fly in! Granted most were made off site, and the crew installed here then did the finishing touches such as doors and trim on site.

Well while everything went in I could not get over the front and center outlet that would be looking like two shocked face emoji icons upon entering. After a small debate in my mind I had the outlet switched around to face into the garage - eliminating an unnecessary outlet in the laundry that was placed in a very unfavorable location

Honestly I don't think I'd be truly happy with an outlet that is half way on and halfway off a drop of counter height. Call me crazy.. I'm sure my crews were not delighted about my impromptu change. However I know this nightmare outlet situation I'm avoiding will be worth it in the end.

Oh baby.. you really get to see the design come to life at carpentry stage like no other! Check out those lovely #insetcabinets!

All is beautiful except OH MY!! THAT PLUG IS FRONT AND CENTER! I can't see anything else unfortunately. So away it goes.

I'm not kidding yall.. this is the longest hall to the garage and mudroom , the last thing I'm hoping to see walking into this room is the outlet front and center. I'm posting a third pic of the delima so I can hopefully show you I am not being dramatic. It's just terribly located.

Meanwhile we are making great progress!! You can see my fridge was installed and they are building the cabinets to fit it's exact dimensions. After a TON of searching I landed on this #bosch that can be fully integrated and look like part of the cabinet design.

I love that it's slim enough to not take too much space but the inside is roomy and fantastic for what we need it for.

Truly contemplating if I want this area to be a door with chicken wire for a dog kennel or regular inset doors for storage. The other two pull out. One will be for dirty clothes and the other for detergent and whatnot.

Meanwhile my kids have requested to leave the room as is. They took snacks, waters and the IPad in to build a fort.

Things are getting fancy pants around these parts. Yes, I went fancy with my molding. Does it match any other room in my home? Not in the least. Does that matter to me? Oh honey no. We goin all out on this room and it will be the happiest room of the house when complete!

Until next week.. we shall be camping out in here.

Thanks for stopping by to check out the progress as a guest participant on the #oneroomchallenge!

If you want to check out other amazing #ORC transformations you can do so by going to the One Room Challenge blog plage by clicking here.

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