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One Room Challenge Week 6 - The Reveal!

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Oh my goodness I'm pretty pumped to share this design reveal with you!! For those of you that have come here just for the goods, and skipped out on the process, if you remember, the floor plan was a plan of a prospective client that reached out and loved two of the dining spaces we recently completed. I fell in love with the architectural details, and the rest was history. I knew that the combined dining and living space was the perfect areas for the One Room Challenge I was asked to be a featured designer for.

What is The One Room Challenge you might be asking? (Tsk, Tsk, Tsk for those of you who haven't been following along from the beginning). Catch up and check out weeks 1-5 here if you know what is good for ya!

This season was different in a good way compared to other seasons. Due to Covid-19 and the strain it placed on the industry at large, this was an unprecedented ORC today's "reveal" of finished areas are 3D renderings of the space! You wouldn't know it on first glance though! I partnered with the insanely talented Annilee B. Waterman, who made my vision of these lavishly decorated spaces come to life!! You can find more of her amazing work at

Of course, our friend time reared its ugly head, as I had to make decisions at lightning speed while juggling my real-life clients, but I think the result is so much fun!

I asked you all if I should design a space that was the love child of other designs you know from me, or if I should step out of my comfort zone and it's no surprise what you voted for. So without further ado, I present to you our colorful and energetic cat's meow, y'all!

So rich and fun and full of life right? As you may remember, the jumping-off point for this space was the amazing Phillip Jeffries Flight wallpaper.

We fell in love with the dining chairs at Market and just had to go with them for this challenge!

I love the bold floral used on the backs of the chairs. I asked my instagram followers if I should do the floral all over on the chairs, or just on the backs, the vote was in favor of just the backs, and I'm so glad we did that! The black velvet fronts are so rich!

Check out that bullion fringe on the fuscia chairs! I love how the bold pop of color divides the rooms and the walls wrap you with such movement. From the wallpaper to the ombre colored deep drapery panels.

Such a lavishly decadent dining space. Whimsical and for sure an area to be remembered for guests.

I love the stone lamps we used and the Universal Furniture buffet!

The ceiling details really steal my heart and notice we painted the insets in the same color as the wainscoting for a pop. The rich color you see on the walls is Sherwin Williams Mount Etna

I feel the bright pink was the perfect addion to this space to give it a lighthearted, puch of energy.

So many details to appreciate! from the fabric on the ottomans to the whimsical dragonfly kidney pillow!

Here is a birds eye view of the spce to get a better feel of how they relate

Thanks to the talented Annilee B. Waterman, who made my vision of these lavishly decorated spaces come to life!! You can find more of her amazing work here

Here is a list of all sourced items we used for these killer spaces!


  • Wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries

  • The wainscotting in both rooms is Sherwin Williams - Mount Etna

  • This is the drapery fabric and you can see it has a long ombre effect that is so beautiful.



Thanks for following along with me on this fun challenge!! Until next time, y'all!! For now check out the other insanely talented designers and their reveals!!

Until next time! Thanks for stopping by!

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4 comentarios

Jasi Ybanez
Jasi Ybanez
10 jun 2021
Me gusta

Niki McNeill Brown
Niki McNeill Brown
11 nov 2020

This is absolutely stunning! I'm so in love with the design and the rendering is just amazing! Move me right in :)

Me gusta

11 nov 2020

AMAZING!!!! This needs to be created IRL. I love every ounce of this gorgeousness! You outdid yourself with this beautiful design Nikole. Congrats!

Veronica Solomon

Me gusta

Annilee Waterman
Annilee Waterman
11 nov 2020

Nikole! You are so talented, and I am so in love with this room! It was pure joy to work with you on this, and I couldn't be happier for you. Cheers to an amazing design!

Me gusta
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