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One Room Challenge - Fall 2019 - Week One - The Laundry Room Plan

Well guys it is that time of year again where I join a community of talented designers to participate in The One Room Challenge!

If you want to read more about our first challenge- the master bedroom transformation; you can do so here.

Since then I have decided to take on our Laundry Room as my next challenge. It is not in terrible shape - but not very functional and since it connects to both my garage door entry as well as my master closet, I figured it was time to transform this lady into the beautiful workhorse I know she is deep down inside.

If you are not familiar with the ORC, it is an amazing online event that brings together 20 bloggers with a love of design, and challenges them to transform a room from start to finish within 6 weeks time- documenting the process each week. Bloggers can also take part as “guest participants”, and that is where I have decided to give myself heart palpitations and join the fun!

I had been following along watching reveal after reveal for years and finally designed my first space, our Master Bedroom, as a last-minute guest entry last year.


Here she is folks - in all her glory. Where we started:

This is a pano view of the view coming in from my garage entry and when the door is open you can see this big mess directly from my formal dining.


View into Master Closet
Check out all those random plug placements behind washer we will have the joy of moving into an indiscreet location.

That is my sweet son doing homework at the dining table. As you can see this room is a major focal point from the main areas of our home.

However the main motivation for redoing this room is to maximize functionality and turn an eyesore into a sight for sore eyes as this room is directly connected to my master closet and a main traffic area for our home believe it or not.

Notice all the fancy boxes they placed randomly on the wall to the right. How nice of the builder! I plan to turn the boxes around to open into the closet on the opposite side of the wall they are positioned on now.

The small door you see in the photo above leads to our master closet. It is a TIGHT squeeze - no idea why they would make it such a small door. The door to the right is the main entry door. I plan to widen this door into the master and make it a pocket door. Who doesn't love a well placed pocket door. So functional!

This is the view from our master closet looking into the laundry room. Check out the door galore! Check out all that wasted space in a room that should be packed with functionality

The Plan:

We will utilize all of the space from floor to ceiling. Since this plan has been made I decided to widen the door on the right that leads to the master closet and make both doors into pocket doors. A well placed pocket door is the way to my soul, people!

Somehow my amazing CAD designer can take my chicken scratch random ideas on a napkin and turn it into exactly what I was trying to explain. Thank you Jasmine Fleece!

The other side of the room will have a beverage fridge. I wanted to camouflage the fridge so that it was seamless with the rest of the cabinetry. Therefore we went with a compact panel ready fridge.

Clockwards from top: I plan to incorporate inset cabinet doors, whimsical wallpaper (because let's face it - the laundry room can use all the happiness it can get!). I plan to use incorporate a frosted glass laundry room decorative door. It will be so charming!

To take that charm and dial it up to the max - how about some vintage inspired hardware on a soothing pastel-like gray blue paint color (#newhopegrey). Finally to ground the space for a dramatic more masculine touch I will use a beautiful classic hexagon dark tile.

I'm pretty excited y'all!

Follow along with us while we transform this gal! Also you guys are in for a real treat as we watch the 20 sponsored designers do their magic over the next month! Thanks all to Better Homes and Gardens sponsorship of the one and only One Room Challenge!

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5 comentários

Jasi Ybanez
Jasi Ybanez
23 de jun. de 2021

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08 de dez. de 2020

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Jacob N Michel Bullard
Jacob N Michel Bullard
03 de out. de 2019

I'm can't wait to see the out come! I love the door, colors, and cabinetry! You are going to LOVE doing laundry!


Nikki Starr
Nikki Starr
03 de out. de 2019

Hi Victoria! Thank you! It is made by Clarke and Clarke.. you wouldn't believe it but I planned the entire laundry room around it to find out it is discontinued! Luckily they had JUST enough left for my project.


Victoria K
Victoria K
03 de out. de 2019

I love this design so much and can't wait to see where you land at the end of the six weeks. Where is that adorable wallpaper from?

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