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One Room Challenge - Week 3: The Hunt

Hello Friends!

We are onto week 3 of the #oneroomchallenge! Already halfway to the finish line! Time sure flies when you are having fun. For this challenge, we are sourcing all of the goods from vendors that exhibit during the High Point Market.  If you are not familiar with HPMKT, it is the largest Interior Design show in the United States and takes place in the Fall and Spring seasons. I attended this past week and found some super amazing pieces, learned a lot about the quality and construction of products I source as well as see all the latest and greatest trends and new introductions. Check out this pretty puppy I fell in love with while there. I'm not using this in my challenge but plan to use tassels or fringe on something.

Tassels, fringe and bullion were everywhere in this market and a trend I cannot wait to use in the ORC.

Before I get into showing you all the goods I found at High Point Market that I plan to use in the space, let me refresh you on the spaces I'll be virtually designing. For those of you that are new here and haven't read week 1 or week 2 about this challenge, you should know that this season the challenge will be a little different. Instead of designing a real room in 6 weeks, we will be designing a room of our choice and the reveal will be 3D renderings! Sounds great right? Well, I promise you it will be because this means that I can step out of my comfort zone and use bold doses of colors and patterns I don't typically use in my designs.

The Spaces

As a reminder, I'll be focusing on the dining and living room that open to each other. I found my wallpaper from Phillip Jefferies and almost immediately and have planned the entire color scheme around it.

It all started with this lovely wallcovering. One look and I knew she had to be mine for this challenge. I'm interested to see if my 3D rendering artist will be able to portray the movement and texture as it has in person. I plan to wrap all bottom areas of the walls with wainscoting painted in Sherwin Williams Mount Etna.

The Finds

Next on my list was to find the furnishings! I first came across this lovely dining chair while touring the #LillianAugustforHickoryWhite showroom and just knew I wanted to use the beautiful silhouette in the space.

I loved the black velvet fabric but knew I wanted a little more pop. So was on my way to find the perfect patterned fabric.

THEN BOOM - Just like that I passed this glorious dining chair that was sitting confidentially around a dining table with its friends and said to myself - that's it!! That's what I'm going to use.

However I didn't want the pattern to overwhelm the space, so I plan to use it on the backs of the chairs only, possibly on the entire Host and hostess chairs. What do you think?

Interestingly enough, when I originally started gathering fabrics for inspiration for this space this exact #TaylorKing floral fabric made the cut. I planned to use it on a pillow or ottoman, but when I saw it on a chair I decided then and there to go bolder than the expected pop of pattern/color on a small accent and use it in larger doses.

So the back's of the dining chairs it is!

Next, I was on the search for a dining table, which I found at #universalfurniture. I loved this new product LOVE. JOY. BLISS. dining table introduced this season.

I think the white table will give a refreshing airiness to a room that will have many deep colors. I loved the curved ends on the brass detail on the foot.

This table will add a welcoming energy into the dining space. I feel it is a gorgeous statement piece. I love the alabaster finish and that this table is embellished with soft gold metal caps on each leg.

Next I found this console which I may or may not use. I love the pop of the lighter finish and how it has a pop of contrast which allows another pop of pattern and texture. My only hesitation is I wish it were a little bulker toward the base, so I'm 50/50 right now.

Of course, now space is complete without a rug. I typically start with the rug and build from there, but this time I needed to find a rug that would be a supporting actor to my patterns and colors. Then boom again! While super exhausted and ready to call it a day, I found these two rugs at #Loloi and they were perfect!!


The rug to the left is going to be great in the dining room! it has a subtle pattern that is mostly neutral, but enough colors around the edges to pull the multiple patterns together.


This is another Loloi rug that has many different colors in it, but is also super subtle and will be the perfect foundation for the living room area

The other piece that I was considering using and really sealed the deal when seeing it in person is the chandelier.

There is something whimsical, but also very high fashion and luxurious about this fixture that I just love. So will be using it in this room! I love the gold spikes and the layers of glass. It's really big at 32" but visually light, so I believe it will be perfect.

Coffee Table

There were simply too many good choices and I need to narrow it down. I absolutely loved the #HookerFurniture one below but it is sadly too large. Don't you love the linen-wrapped detail with the glass insert?


While I found lots of other goodies at Market there are many items that are still deciding on if/which item I will use or not use. I need to narrow down:

  1. Dining room wall decor over the console

  2. Lamps for Console

  3. Dining table Centerpiece

  4. Accent chair fabric for the living room (I'm thinking a mustard velvet with a bullion fringe or a tape band on the bottom!)

  5. 3. Fireplace surround for the living room (but pretty sure I will do a book-matched marble to keep it classy).

  6. Wall decor over fireplace

  7. Fabrics for Sofa (certain I'll source #TaylorKing for the sofa because Taylor King sits like a dream.

  8. Coffee Table

  9. Side Tables

  10. Ottomans

  11. Dog Bed, because I'm imagining a papered pooch living in this home and needs his own dog bed in the formal living room

  12. Lamps and accents.

Welp. I've got my homework cut out for me!! Check back next week for preliminary scenes of the space before the big reveal!! In the meantime, check out the 19 other featured designers and what they are cooking up for this #HPMKT edition this season!

Thanks for stopping by, friends!

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