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One Room Challenge Week 4 - BTS

Hey everyone! It is week 4 of the #oneroomchallenge High Point Market edition. If you are new here, go check out what all you have missed in weeks ONE, TWO, and THREE!

If you are like me and want just the skinny, let me quickly tell you about this season and why it is super cool, unlike other seasons of the #ORC. To recap, this fall the One Room Challenge has teamed up with High Point Market to bring you a virtual makeover! Twenty featured designers are showing you the evolution of design from start to finish, with a 3D rendering final reveal on November 11th.

For this virtual edition, I chose to do a living/dining combination. I was contacted by a lovely couple that found me on Houzz. They are located across the country in Los Angeles, California - so we had a virtual 2-hour consultation to discuss ideas for finishes, the layout, and other details of their floor plans and elevations. They loved two dining rooms that I recently completed for some lovely clients. Both very different, yet both very luxurious and elegant.

Above is the first room the couple that reached out to me really loved. It sure is a striking room with bold wall decor, a lovely and large crystal chandelier, textured grasscloth wallpaper, and a free form dining table. It really is a monochromatic dining space with little color except in the florals, but packed with interest in the materials.

This is the other room they really loved as well. Also packed with texture and interest. While the first one was glamourous with its chandelier that shined with quiet confidence, this room you will see we dressed it with "jewelry from the details on the table base, the backs of the chairs, even to the frame on the art. (That art really pops against the linear ombre wallpaper, don't you think?)

With all that said... Lucky for me - I was in love with their floor plan we were discussing! I was on the hunt for the perfect space to design for this challenge, so when this came across my attention, I knew it was the one for me on this challenge

While these clients loved the two rooms above, I decided to go super bold and colorful for this challenge. Seriously, if you haven't already, go back and check out what all you have missed and how these spaces will feel complete in posts of weeks ONE, TWO, and THREE!

While at High Point Market I was able to source all the furnishing for this room. In a real life design, I would have presented all the goods, my clients would have jumped for joy, clapped their hands in excitement, paid the deposit for furniture, and wait with

anticipation for 8-12 weeks to pass while their custom orders trickle in.

Check out how nicely the elevations and perspectives are coming together in this space!!! EEEKK Just wait till you see the virtual "Install Day Reveal"

The architectural details are fantastic and what made me love the space at first sight. Loving those ceiling details!

Meanwhile, if this were a real-life design, my team and I would be constantly checking on orders, tracking everything, dealing with damages..... the list is overwhelming to just type out! We do it with love in our hearts knowing it will all be worth the wait on install day.


  • Damaged Deliveries. Having to get replacements, touch-ups, etc. The biggest headache of my job!! We can put a man on the moon but cant ship a lamp without breaking it. Whhhyyyyyyyyy

  • Backordered fabrics. Having to find a suitable replacement that was just as lovely as the first solution, in a timely manner to not cause delays and the same price as original

  • Getting every piece of fabric ordered, checked, driven over, or shipped to the appropriate manufacture or drapery workroom with required work orders

  • Scheduling electricians, wallpaper installers, faux finishers, cabinet makers, painters, etc to complete their jobs back to back like a well-orchistrated symphony. One trade running behind can be a domino effect of who can start work next.

Ok that's only four examples of the necessary details that go into a perfect design!! All the things that go on behind the scenes to make a pretty space are super detailed. AND SO NECESSARY TO AVOID COSTLY MISTAKES!

In this room alone, the PERFECTLY sourced fabric on the ottomans arrived - we checked to make sure it was the correct fabric. Mailed it to the ottoman company (To the tune of $200 shipping due to the weight and value of the fabric!) A week later it arrived BACK at the studio - claiming the factory was closed to COVID. We call the company and they are open! The delivery guy just assumed everyone had closed. UGH.

Now we have to dispute the first shipping charge and go through that process, then ship again for another $200. YOU GUYS... I'm JUST on the fabric for the ottomans. Don't even get me started on the damaged lamps, the fireplace tile mishap, the damaged swivel chair, the back-ordered side tables in the foreground that had an ever-changing arrival date. We finally sourced very similar (even prettier) new tables that were the same price and were able to get them on time for install day.

There are a lot of other elements in this picture you don't see all the issues that arose behind the scenes, and the swift response that a professional designer goes through great lengths to correct for the perfect space.

In short - If you are a busy professional or parent that desires a beautiful home but doesn't want to deal with the headache of what creating a lovely space can be, do yourself a GIANT FAVOR and hire a professional designer.

Anyhoo, I'm just happy to do what I love and create homes for my clients to enjoy. Even if it gives me heart palpitations haha.

Check out what a lovely space this room is turning into!! Next week we will discuss all that goes into creating a 3D rendering and why it could be a benefit to you and your remodel, until then, check out what the other amazing featured designers are up to for week 4 of the One Room Challenge, High Point Market edition!

Until next week, thanks for stopping by!

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Jasi Ybanez
Jun 10, 2021

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