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One Room Challenge - Week Two: The Plan

Hey everyone wouldn't you know it, I blinked and here we are. It is now Week TWO of the one-room challenge.

What is the #ORC you ask? Well, I'm glad you asked. It is a blogger event where 20 talented designers are challenged to transform a room in there home in just six short weeks. Week six is the grand reveal. This season, we are kicking off a bit differently. The grand reveal will be grand indeed. You see, due to the restrictions and delays COVID has placed on the industry, Linda, the creator of this event decided to mix it up.

This season, the 20 featured designers will be designing a room of their choice, with no limitations, the big reveal will be 3D renderings of the space. OHHHH just sit back and imagine the possibilities with me for a bit. Nothing can stand in my way of creating a dramatic and elegant design. Not even those usual suspects that show up to the party uninvited. Money and Time.....muuuhaha.

You can catch up on what I have planned by reading week one here.

Now, let me tell you al little about what I'm cooking up.

It all started with this lovely wallcovering. One look and I knew she had to be mine for this challenge. I'm interested to see if my 3D rendering artist will be able to portray the movement and texture as it has in person. I plan to wrap all bottom areas of the walls with wainscoting painted in Sherwin Williams Mount Etna.

As I mentioned last week, this season the featured designers are teaming up with High Point Market. I'll be flying out to High Point, NC on Thursday to see the latest and greatest, and while I'm there I'll be on the hunt for the perfect items to complete the space.

I know that the adjoining rooms will be heavily drenched in architectural details, deep jewel tones, COLOR, AND PATTERN

I know one thing will dominate the space. Lavish textiles and rich, deep jewel colors with pops of mustard and golds to give a warm accent.

In case you have forgotten, let me remind you of this yummy floor plan that has the #livingroom and the #diningroom open to each other. This is a great opportunity to introduce a multitude of fabrics and allow the two areas to flow like a song!

Notice the two large picture windows. I found this LOVELY fabric at #kravet and thought it would be so great to use on the two large picture windows. I'll tell you, I'm selecting so many detailed fabrics, wallcoverings, textures, etc, that it will be an impressive win if my rendering artist can portray them as beautifully as I know these would look combined in reality. I’m taking the chance and not playing it safe this challenge. I have faith the renderings will portray my vision through and through.

Take a look at that lovely ombre velvet drapery below. Owwwwee WEE. That's the cat's meow, yall!

I also love the mix of patterns and texture used above. I plan to be a little bolder than these options, incorporating bold florals, trims, and the like. Something that I don't usually do.

Above is a small elevation of the fireplace that is located in the living. I haven't decided if I will do drapery or roman shades on the smaller windows flanking the fireplace. I'm leaning toward inside mount roman shades in the same fabric as the drapery framing each picture window, to keep it consistent but allow the molding and fireplace to really shine on this wall.

The upper photo on the right is a detail view of a custom piece of art I'm commissioning for a local project. I loved it so much I decided to use it as inspiration for this space. Take a look at that melted Fireglass and gold leaf. Two of my favorite details in ANY space, so trust me you will be seeing this lovely couple incorporated in many areas of this design.

Other fun facts that I have decided to include in my challenge are the need for a dog bed of sorts in the FORMAL living. yes, I've lost all my marbles and challenging myself to include this. It's only week 2 though guys, if I fail on finding a classy way to include Toto's bed, I'm halfway betting you aren't reading this far and will forget by week six haha.

So that's the mood friends! Follow along on our stories while we are visiting #HPMKT this Thursday, October 15th through Sunday, October 18th to help source and vote on the key pieces we still need for this space.

Those include

  1. Sofa

  2. Coffee Table

  3. Accent Chairs

  4. Dog Bed

  5. Dining Table

  6. Dining Chairs

  7. Chandelier

  8. Rugs for both spaces

  9. Art/wall decor

Phew.. anyone else nervous or just me?? Come on High Point, I know you will direct me to the goods!

Until then, take a look at what the other 19 amazing designers are cooking up for their virtual dream space. You can find and follow their journey by following along on their blog and Instagram!

Thanks for stopping by, friends!

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Jasi Ybanez
Jasi Ybanez
Jun 10, 2021

Thanks for taking this opportunity to discuss this, I feel fervently about this and I like learning about this subject

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