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Project Reveal - Spring Valley Dining

You guys. I am so excited to share this handsome space with you.

I'll tell you, love at first sight is real and true. When I first met this exquisite couple, I was smitten by their equally passionate vision they shared for their home and it's outcome in style. I took one look at their dining room and thought,

"They have done a great job, we just need to take it to the next level."

The room was lovely to start, but after listening to what this couple desired, I knew that a certain, sophisticated type of luxury was called for.

The Husband said he desired sculpture over art.

Enter the fabulous Phillips Collection wall sculpture.

The new fixture is truly a show-stopper. It will take your breath away

The grasscloth wallpaper boasts with a quiet confidence and provides the perfect backdrop.

Take a look at this oversized mirror that filled the back corner of the room. I love the bronze bar-cart on casters that we added as another layer. The mix of metal in this space really adds a special touch.

I'll repeat this till I'm blue in the face. Rugs and drapery finish room's! They make a space feel finished and complete. Without these necessities, you won't get that warm fuzzy feeling. At least not in my experience!

Can we talk about what a stunning chandelier this is? Wowza!!

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Until next time!


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syglo ybañez
syglo ybañez
Jun 10, 2021
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